Standard equipment

  • Anodised aluminium frame.
  • 4 levels for ranging clean linen.
  • 4 drawers for amenities, courtesy trays, stationery,... (height 120 mm)
  • 2 drawers for miscellaneous products, chemicals, tableware,… (height 170 mm)
  • 4 stationery openings at the top.
  • 1 horizontal steering handle.
  • Non marking grey wrap around bumper.
  • 4 swivelling wheels Ø 160 mm with non-marking polyamide layer combined with a 5th steering wheel.


  • Drawer 340 mm
  • Additional sliding tray
  • Disengagement pedal for motorised wheel
  • Removable tray for amenities 60 or 120 mm
  • Linen bag 160 L
  • Linen bag 160 L with zipper
  • Identification holder
  • Broom holder combined with bag holder
  • Multiple broom holders
  • Swivelling holder for tablet or smartphone
  • Extra reinforced shelves
  • Aluminium dividers with cross section
Garbage bag holder mono

Waste bag holder mono and foldable base

Waste bag holder mono or duplo (selective waste sorting) and foldable base

Waste bag curtain

Linen bag holder and foldable base

Foldable base: bottom and / or middle position

Lateral boxes for various uses

Mop holder and hook

Additional horizontal steering handle

Extra protection via additional swivelling corner pads

Doors with or without lock (opening up to 270°)

Coupling with satellite Callisto or Hermia

Stackable water tight box for tableware

15 or 30l lateral container (bacbis)



Caviar finish


Wenge finish


Almond finish


Antique oak finish

Antique oak

Light grey finish

Light grey

Nappa black leather finish

Nappa black leather

Black ash finish

Black ash

Buffalo finish


Infinity black finish

Infinity black (fingerprint-free)


Natural anodisation


Champagne anodisation


Bronze anodisation


Black anodisation



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